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  • Reading Unemployment Office, Pennsylivania U.S.A

    The office is situated at 243 Schneider Dr. Lebanon PA 17046

    The working hours for the office extend from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The contact number for the office is (717) 273-3223.

    The department aims at getting the support of the employers in order to help the state out of the jinx of unemployment and thus enabling social security and order. Due to a lot of debt being burdened on the employers they are forced to leave a large number of employees and lay them off so that the cost cutting can be done and somehow the business survives.

    Thus, in order to avoid such huge number of people being unemployed the state aims at collaborating with the employers and asking them to have such employees being into the service atleast on a temporary basis if not permanent. In the meanwhile the jobless ones can apply for claims as they have been unemployed and such claim would be passed on to them with the help of federal aid after they have scrutinized the claim and employment history of the claimant. thus the major service of the unemployment office is to relocate the unemployed people by providing them job, atleast temporary and to provide some claim and benefits to the ones whom job cannot be provided.

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