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  • How to Stop Unemployment Benefits in Pennsylvania


    Unemployment benefits are a great help for individuals that have been unfortunately laid off or let go from their places of employment. They can a wonderful assistance for any individual that is not able to work through no fault of their own. And, every state within the US has different rules and regulations dealing with unemployment benefits and payments and people receiving these benefits must adhere to the specific requirements and stipulations. Pennsylvania is no different. If an individual is receiving unemployment payments in Pennsylvania, and they secure employment after a period of time of receiving unemployment payments, then it is important for the individual to take responsibility for the situation and halt any and all unemployment payments that are coming their way. In order for an individual to stop receiving unemployment payments in Pennsylvania after a new job or employment has been secured, the individual can go through several different routes to achieve the same rightful outcome. One particular way is that the person who is receiving unemployment payments to contact their unemployment counselor by calling them, emailing them or meeting them face to face to discuss their new employment opportunity, and through this way, the counselor becomes well aware of the individuals new job. Another way to stop unemployment payments from being sent is for the individual who is receiving the payments to simply stop filing their weekly certification. And, if an individual who has tried to stop all unemployment payments from being sent to them actually ends up receiving an unemployment payment check, it is best for the individual to return the unemployment payment check to their employment counselor as soon as possible, and refrain from cashing it, or else there could be problems down the road that occur for the individual in the future.

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