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  • Understanding how unemployment benefits work in Pennsylvania can be challenging. One question we get a lot is how can you find out how many weeks of unemployment you have left. Todd Foringer posted this query:

    I needed to know when my unemployment is phased out…? I don’t know where I find this out since I fill out the unemployment and then I don’t have any documents with it to tell me for how long I have it. It was extended on the last extension that is all I know.

    This question illustrates well some of the complications of the unemployment benefit system. Is Todd referring to the basic unemployment benefits of Pennsylvania or to the extended benefits granted by the Federal government. Is he asking if congress has passed a further extension to unemployment benefits? Let us answer those questions in turn.

    This article will help you find out how many unemployment benefits checks you have left.


    To request information on your claim status you will need to provide personal information to prove your identity. This may include your full name, date of birth and your Social Security number. It is worth mentioning that under no circumstance should you provide this information unless you are sure you contacted (or have been contacted) by the Department of Labor and Industry. In other words do not reply to phone calls from people who claim to work for the PA Unemployment Office and ask for your full social security number.

    Click here to visit PA’s Unemployment Office Claim Status Login page. You will need to provide your Social Security number and the pin provided by the system when you registered.

    If you do not have the pin number you can visit your local unemployment office. Click here for an article on how to find the contact details of your nearest PA Career Link office.

    You can also work out how many weeks you have left by counting back from your first check. The State of Pennsylvania provides 26 weeks of basic unemployment benefits. Grab a calendar and count 26 weeks from the first week you claimed for benefits. From this date you can count the weeks you have been under Federal extended benefits. In PA you could be eligible for up to 13 weeks of extended benefits. Count 13 weeks from your last week of regular unemployment benefits and you will know how many weeks you have left.

    For more information on Extended Benefits you can visit our sister site Extended Unemployment Benefits.com for more information on the Federal extended benefits program.

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