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    The office is located at : 3400 lovell palace, Erie PA 16503-2621

    In order to have any sort of assistance with regard to PA filing process as well as to claim options that are easily available in Pennsylvania, people residing in and around the area of Erie can contact Erie Unemployment Office. The contact number for the department of such office is Phone: (814) 455-9966 . The Erie Employment CarreerLink office allows online claim filings for unemployed workers. The queries with regard to such employer can be made at : Phone: (814) 455-9966

    The working hours of the office starts at 8 am and extends upto 6 in the evening. Recently unemployed applicants are taken care of during this normal working hour whereas query involving calculations of the compensation are regularly updated on their website.

    They try and place the jobless workers by providing them income support temporarily. It facilitates the employers as well as the individuals to file claims for Unemployment Compensation services in Pennsylvania. It also has a federally funded disaster unemployment assistance program that not only gives temporary relief to jobless workers but also tries to place them with their re-employment schemes. The residents of Erie who are eligible for Pennsylvania compensation can apply over the internet but only after the rules and regulations


    Scranton Unemployment Office

    The employment office is situated at 321 Spurce St, Scranton, PA 18503

    The office working hour begins at 8 in the morning and extends upto 6 in the evening.

    The contact number for the unemployment office is 570-342-1404.

    The employment office tries to reposition the jobless workers by either compensating them for the period that they have been unemployed for or by providing them the employment opportunities in various sectors that are in coordination with the employment office. They also try and take employers into confidence by asking them not to lay-off the employees permanently but compensating them in order to keep them into work for atleast some temporary job. The unemployment office is also funded centrally,. The person interested in availing such benefits needs to register one’s employment history for the past 18 months so that the benefits can be determined. The unemployment office then tracks down the wages paid to the person concerned so that the benefit can be passed on adequately. This helps in creating a social equity in the state and stabilizes the economy as a whole. Thus the unemployment office prima facie aims at providing and restoring jobless workers with whatever little opportunities they have, temporary or permanent and helping the employers who help in their cause; and to the ones who cannot be provided jobs benefits of some sort is bestowed upon them depending upon their claims that has been filed and calculated.


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