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  • Here are some useful step by step ways to post jobs on PA careerlink

    First you need to open your browser and go to https://www.cwds.state.pa.us there you will find lists for employers, individuals and service providers.


    Go to the second section under employers and click post job openings. There you will see a list of things to do. If you have not already done so you will need to create a business folder. Once this is done you will be able to post and manage job offers, search for applicants and register for job fairs, workshops and any other events you would like to attend. When searching for applicants you will be able to do searches to identify applicants in a particular area or region. These searches don’t require registration however, if you would like to contact applicants directly, a short registration is required and encouraged. You will also be able to join and network with other companies that are registered with PA Career Link. This is a great tool to get your business out there to other people. Also, you can view business resources. With this you will be able to obtain information on business assistance programs, licensing and permit information, workforce programs, and any other information regarding assistance, you do not need to be registered to use this feature.

    A link in available for labor market information. This link is good for keeping tabs on wages and what various positions are earning in the state. No registration is required for this. Lastly, there is the Pennsylvania CareerLink Advocates. The purpose of the program is to distribute information and promote Pennsylvania CareerLink services to organizations and their members and to solicit assistance in Pennsylvania’s workforce development efforts.

    PA CareerLink is a great resource for not only employees but for employers as well. It is a wonderful source not only for job searches but for networking and workshops that are available. It is very simple for an employer to post a position and even easier for the person looking for work to go and apply for that position. PA CareerLink is a wonderful asset to Pennsylvania and is certainly a resource that is not to be taken for granted.

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