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  • Many of our readers realize the reason for leaving their job will affect their eligibility for unemployment compensation. Our previous article, discussed some of the most “popular” reasons for leaving a job and how they would affect your chances of receiving unemployment compensation by the Pennsylvania Unemployment Office. Below are two of the many questions and comments we have received on this subject.

    I don’t just want to exist anymore working in a job that does not care about me.I was working at XXXXX foods inc as a fork lift operator 2yrs. I went to work one day and was forced to resign. Anonymous.

    I am requesting some help. I am being verbally abused by my supervisor at work. I do a good job and am a good employee. She stated if I do not like it to quit. I can not quit I need the job. If I quit I can not get unemployed. She screams and yells in front of other employees and the owner of the practice lets her get away with it. When I come home in the evenings I am an emotional wreck. Yesterday it was so bad I could not go into work today. She is always threatening to fire me for little things that have no relevance. Please tell me what our my options? I have other employees that have witnessed this. Please assist. Thank-you. Signed, Bebe.

    These comments are typical to some of the problems many workers have to deal with. What should you do if you are unhappy with your job, you are pressured to resign or feel you have been mistreated?

    Of course, every circumstance is different and we would always recommend you got counsel from a lawyer with experience in the subject who can assess your specific situation.

    However, you should never allow an employer to pressure you into resigning. If you are having problems with fellow employees or managers deal with the issues by talking to your employer. If you have witnesses, use their statements to back your complaint. If you leave your job out of your own choice you may not qualify for unemployment compensation. Do not allow an employer to pressure you into resigning. By doing so you may forfeit severance pay and other benefits available to workers who have been laid off out of no fault of their own.

    Other reasons for leaving a job that may disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits are mentioned below. Click on them for more details provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

    Rule Violation
    Attitude Toward Employer or Disruptive Influence
    Damage to Equipment or Property
    Unsatisfactory Work Performance
    Drug and Alcohol Testing
    Self-Employment During the Base Year
    Self-Employment While Claiming Benefits
    Self-Employment/Sideline Business
    Corporate Officers
    Refusal of Suitable Work
    Incarcerated Employees

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