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  • Once you file your claim for PA Unemployment Compensation you will receive a Claim Confirmation Letter.

    If you file an unemployment claim in Pennsylvania, you must understand how the process works, what forms you need to file, how to fill them in and where to file them. This article will look into PA’s UC claim procedure and the forms you need to be aware with to file a successful unemployment compensation claim.

    These two main forms you should understand and be aware of are:

    This article will look into the content of the claim confirmation letter and how it relates to your UC claim.

    You can file an application for unemployment compensation online, over he phone or at a PA unemployment office. We have described this process in some detail in previous articles. Once you have filed y0ur claim you will receive a claim confirmation letter.


    A claim confirmation letter, also known as Form UC-360, will be your confirmation that your PA UC claim has been processed. It includes important information you will need to receive your unemployment benefits. Inside your claim confirmation letter you will find your PA personal identification number, or PIN.

    You will need the PIN to access and register yourself at the Pennsylvania’s Labor and Industry department website. This is important if you choose to file you weekly benefits claims online or want to use the department’s online job search services. You can also use this PIN to access PAT, PA’s Telephone claims filing system.

    You claim confirmation letter also informs you of which days you should claim your weekly benefits if you choose to use the automated telephone system, PAT. This is important because if you choose a different day, your payments may be delayed. Of course, you can avoid these issues by filing online.

    On the back of your confirmation letter you will find information on your local PA Careerlink Reemployment Services. These services are part of Pennsylvania’s Profile Re-Employment Program, also known as PREP. PREP is PA’s version of the federal Worker Profiling and Re-Employment System.

    The purpose of PREP is to identify early workers who are most likely to exhaust their UC payments and help them find a job. Workers are profiled for the program based on a statistical model which identifies characteristics of unemployed workers who struggle to get re-employed.

    The program helps you to retrain for a changing work market, prepare a resume and provides access to a job match referral system.

    You are not eligible for PREP if you are self-employed, involved in a labor dispute, work for commission or serving in the military.

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