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  • If you are denied unemployment benefits, you can still appeal for a UC Referee to review your claim.

    Your claim for unemployment benefits is dependent on several factors that comprise the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Eligibility Criteria. Failing to meet any of these requirements will cause your unemployment compensation benefits to be denied.

    This criteria includes:

    – Working for at least 16 weeks during your base year (the first 12 months of the last 15 months) and earning a minimum of $50 in each of those weeks.

    – Earning a minimum income of $1,320 during your base year and at least $800 in any one quarter of that year. For example, to receive the maximum $565 weekly benefits for 26 weeks you must have earned $20,700 or more during your base year and $12,940 or more in your highest earning quarter.

    – Losing your job out of no fault of your own. A difference of opinion between the employer and employee over the reason why their contract was terminated is probably the most common reason for appeal.

    – Be able and willing to work full-time.

    However, if your claim has been denied and you feel you qualify there is a benefit appeal process you can use to request a review of your claim.


    You have 15 days to appeal against a denial of benefits. The 15 days start from the mailing date of your notice of denial. If the last day falls on a holiday or weekend, the final date is extended to the next working day.

    STEP 1

    Download a Petition for Appeal or Pennsylvania UC 468 Form.

    Complete section 1 of the form. You will need to provide your full name, address, telephone number, the date of the determination you are appealing against, your social security number and the work address and telephone number of the employer involved in your appeal.

    Send the fully completed form to the address specified in the UC Service Center determination you were sent to notify the denial of benefits.

    Once your appeal is flied the Unemployment Compensation Referee assigned to your case will call a hearing where you, your employer and any witnesses you call on will give testimony.

    If you were denied benefits because you quit work (as opposed to being fired or laid-off) you will have to provide evidence of a compelling reason to leave your job. If your employer fired you, the burden of proof is on him or her to prove you were dismissed for willful misconduct or negligence.

    After the hearing the referee will come to a decision and inform you and your employer by mail.


    If you are involved in an appeal, you should continue filing your weekly benefits (online or over the telephone) so you can receive payment for those weeks if your appeal is successful.

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