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  • Those who file for UC benefits will be informed as to whether they are financially eligible, which means whether you have earned enough during the time you were working. Once this is determined then the reason why you left the job is examined because it must be through no fault of your own that you are unemployed. If this is the case then you are eligible for weekly benefit payments and to remain so you only have to be prepared and able to accept any work offered to you that is suitable. You may also be required to participate in reemployment services.

    Special eligibility rules do apply to those who are employees of schools or other educational service agencies. Please make sure you are entitled to the benefits you receive as overpayment will result in any future benefit to which you are entitled being reduced or perhaps taken away from you until you have repaid the full amount. The Unemployment Compensation Benefit is paid on a weekly basis. If you are eligible for this payment the amount that you qualify to receive is called your Benefit Rate. The weekly Benefit Rate is determined according to the amount you earned while you were employed. The Benefit Rate is calculated using your total gross wages over a period of a year during which the High Quarter (when you earned the highest wages) decides the weekly amount you will receive, the final Benefit Rate will amount to about half of your full-time weekly wage.

    If you are not in agreement with the Notice of Financial Determination which will inform you of the benefit rate, you should appeal as soon as possible to the Notice of Financial Determination and ask for a redetermination from the UC Service Center. You may be entitled to have an allowance for a dependant spouse, that is a husband or wife living in your household. This allowance is $5 a week and an additional $3 a week can be added for a dependant child. The child must be an unmarried son or daughter ( under the age of 18 years a step child or an adopted child)

    The maximum weekly allowance for dependants is $8. The maximum number of weeks to which you will be entitled for dependants is the same as your benefit entitlement. In addition to the foregoing information we can now make a new service available for the deaf. This is a Videophone Service now in use on Wednesday afternoons from 12.00pm until 4.00pm.

    The number is 717-704-8474. There is an interpreter of American Sign Language (ASL) who is state registered and fully qualified working closely with a UC claims representative on hand to make UC services available to deaf applicants by way of Videophone. If you would like to use these services please leave a sign mail message whenever it is convenient to you and we will return your call.

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