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    In accordance with Act 60, changes to UC law are going into effect on Jan. 1, 2013. These changes will affect claimants with an AB date on or after Jan. 6, 2013. Several of these changes will affect a large number of claimants.

    Some highlights of the changes:

    A claimant now must have a minimum of 18 credit weeks in order to be eligible for any amount of benefits. A credit week is now defined as a week in the base year in which the claimant was paid at least $100, whereas previously it was $50.
    The minimum weekly benefit rate is now $70.
    A Partial Benefit Credit is equal to 30 percent of the claimant’s weekly benefit rate, rather than the previous 40 percent.
    49.5 percent of a claimant’s total base year wages must be paid in one or more quarters other than the high quarter for a claimant to be eligible for benefits.
    For calendar year 2013 – 2019, the maximum weekly benefit rate will hold at $573.

    More detailed information on all Act 60 changes will be provided with all Notices of Financial Determinations.

    What PA Workforce Can Do For You

    PA Workforce is an excellent resource for many different types of people. The Pennsylvania Workforce Development Website is filled with tools that can assist both job seekers and employers. The wealth of information that is contained within this portal will answer many questions you may have about employment issues, stats and relevant statutes that affect many Pennsylvanians. The following is a description of just a few of the features of PA workforce that you can take advantage of.

    Resources For Job Seekers At PA Workforce

    PA Workforce has a plethora of resources for job seekers and is a great tool for Pennsylvanians who are looking for work and for those from out of state who wish to move to Pennsylvania to work in one of the rapidly expanding industries such as the Marcellus Shale industry. Here is a sampling of what you will find on the website:

    What PA Workforce Can Do For Employers

    PA Workforce also has great resources for employers. If you are looking for new, skilled employees to add to your team, PA Workforce can help you to locate and connect with many talented individuals who are currently actively seeking employment. You can also learn more about tax credits that you may be entitled to so that you can save your business more money and have the extra capital to bring a few more workers into your company. Here is a sampling of what you will find on the website:

    Learn About Recent News That May Affect You

    The news section of PA Workforce is designed to keep you informed of any new developments regarding employment in Pennsylvania. You can view employment statistics for Pennsylvania and for the entire United States and can also connect to much more detailed statistics.

    Connect With PA CareerLink

    The PA Workforce website also offers you the chance to connect with CareerLink offices all across the state of Pennsylvania. All you must do to find your local office is navigate to the Contact Us page and choose your county from the drop-down menu. Once you have done so the contact information for your local CareerLink office will be displayed. You can also get driving directions as well.

    Educational Job Training Resources And Opportunities

    If you are looking for job training or other educational opportunities designed to give you job skills, PA Workforce is an excellent place to begin your search. There is a thorough list of educational providers and job training resources for you to explore, a career guide and links that will let you learn more about the many different institutes of higher learning all across Pennsylvania. You can also learn about various grants and financial aid packages that may be available to assist you in financing your education.